Preface - How
It All Started
Part One -
We Meet
Part Two -
Our Visits
Afterword -
Black Rock

Most artists have a story to tell, of what led them into art, what caused them to take up art as a calling and develop the creative process born within them. What others see in their chronology is the passing of the torch. In 1964, the abstract expressionist painter, Mym Tuma shared her work with modernist painter Georgia O’Keeffe.

Understanding the financial and guidance needs of a young artist, the elder artist assumed a mentorship role, with Tuma, the talented protege from 1964 to 1973. While Tuma created her first series of sculptured paintings, O'Keeffe admired them and bought one from Tuma ( a.k.a. Marilynn Thuma ) for her personal collection.

Photographs of these pieces were in Ms. O'Keeffe's personal collection of art. To view them, please apply to use the O'Keeffe Museum Library.

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